Tanner Hall - Ring the Alarm (Trailer)

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Tanner Hall - Ring the Alarm (Trailer)

Check out Tanner Hall’s two year film project, Ring the Alarm, for free on October 26th. See Tanner and friends as they send it in the mountains of Alaska, BC, Oregon and Tahoe

Tanner Hall is back on track

Skiing legend Tanner Hall is back with his long awaited ski film Ring The Alarm.
For the last 2 years Tanner and his friends shredded their all-time favorite ski zones in North America and sent all the footie to long-time filmmaking collaborator Shane Nelson. (Pop Yer Bootlez! 2005, Like A Lion 2010)

Tanner and Shane spent the last 2 summers editing over 11 hours of footage down to just 38 minutes of the absolute best shots. The Ring The Alarm soundtrack features the illest underground hip-hop remixes from DJ Thomax original orchestral score by Justin Pierre & Matt Taylor and Tanner's favorite dancehall tracks from Randy Valentine , Cali P and others.


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